We Cum To You Part 6 - Big Swinger Surprise

This is a special We Cum To You. Jenifer and I had an evil idea - she wanted me to fuck Ridge and I wanted her to do the same with Marcello. As it happens neither of the guys put up much resistance but there was something they didn't know...we planned the whole thing. So we called them in to join us and told them what each of them had done....OMG should have seen their reactions! But we weren't angry with them like they expected us to be. We had both had so much fun and we wanted more! That's why we planned our next We Cum To You and this time it's very, very special as it is Jenifer's first time! This is just the first part, you're going to have to wait for the second one! What could it involve?!

Yours, Caprice xxxx