Latex Emotions

Close your eyes and imagine a door. You go through it and see a girl wearing a sexy latex outfit. She is covered in oil and teasing you, sexily moving her hips as she looks at you. She is horny and nasty and beckons you over. Her shiny, latex covered hand takes out your cock and starts to stroke it. You are turned on, your cock swells, and she looks you in the eye as she takes into her mouth. The blowjob starts off slow and sensual, and after a while she starts to get more intense and takes it deep into her throat. You cum hard on her face as she looks you in the eye, and she has a broad smile on her face as she licks your cum from her latex gloves. Was that a dream? Or was it reality? 🙂

Caprice xxxx

P.S. Thank you to LatexRaven for the amazing latex outfit!